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It was late in the evening, and she could here her mother moving about in the kitchen. After rinsing the potatoes a second time, Rapunzel sat them on the counter next to her mother, and watched her cook. Come help me in the kitchen! Then went back to eating her dinner they both walked up stairs to get ready for bed. During their last hug, Rapunzel had kissed Gothel on the neck.

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Jazmine. Age: 25.
mother gothel x rapunzel

She really didn't understand why a part of her felt bad about that.

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Maliah. Age: 27.
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In Defense of Mother Gothel

Enjoying the way her ebony curls danced around her face as she moved. I need to keep my emotions under control , Rapunzel thought as mother called her to dinner. Gothel was busy chopping carrots when she walked in. Rapunzel jumped slightly in surprise as mother hugged her. Then lovingly returned the hug, so soft and warm.

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