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These players were killed by "Death Gun"'s LA3, not the Type 54 that supposedly murders people in the real world; they're simply "dead" in a traditional video game sense. In the real world, Endou, a school bully, later tries to use an airsoft MA1 borrowed from her brother to extort money from Shino. The weapon shop in GGO shows only silhouettes and images of the weapons available for purchase, with a weapon materializing upon being purchased by a player. Its firepower is a plot point and the gun is called by name frequently. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Sinon mentions that Yamikaze may be a more skilled player than XeXeeD, but the latter's F and rare armour gave him the edge needed to win the previous BoB. A player is seen racking a Remington Model in the Bullet of Bullets qualifier room.

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sao sinon gun

Its firepower is a plot point and the gun is called by name frequently.

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An enemy squad that Dyne's squad engages has a player armed with a FN Minimi to defend against enemy players, as the rest of their squad is armed with optical guns for fighting monsters. Warning: Some descriptions and images are potential spoilers for the series, read at your own risk. Despite being in Sinon's holster for most of the story, it's easily the least-used weapon belonging to a main character. As Phantom Bullet is the only of these story arcs to feature firearms, it's the only part of the first two seasons covered on this site. In the novels it's expressly and repeatedly referred to by its British military designation of LA3.

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