Nipple play hypnosis

nipple play hypnosis
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My nipples are hard all the time and I want to touch them all the time. Since starting up the file again, the sensitivity quickly returned, although I didn't listen to the nipple addiction file, as that also worked, and I am not sure that I want the effects. These files have an effect, stimulating the nipples to increased sensitivity, and recently the areolas also. Use your imagination with this file, is my suggestion. I have used this file with addictive breast play, very infrequently though. Is it basically just like rubbing the clitoris to orgasm, just with the nipples, or is it a different experience?

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Lizbeth. Age: 23.
nipple play hypnosis

I have not achieved orgasm, and the sensitivity of my nipples has not increased, as specified in the file, but stayed the same each and every time.

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Phoenix. Age: 23.
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Needs - Nipple Play HFO

To the previous male who can orgasm through nipple play, can you do it through nipple play alone, and do you produce a dry orgasm no ejaculation? I can orgasm via my nipples, but touching my nipples too often just ends up in it being too painful to touch. Let yourself relax fully; eventually the file will arouse you enough that wanting to be more aroused will pull you into the trance. I love the way they feel under my shirt and find myself not wearing a bra when I am home so I can feel them under my shirt and the cold air on them when I walk outside. Train Nipple Orgasm A place to post about the success you've had with the various files. If it wouldn't be of too much bother, would you mind telling us how it feels to orgasm through nipple play?

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