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Do you even know what year it is? Didn't someone buy all tumblr's fine ass porn model site for over a fucking billion dollars and horded the countless photos all to themselves after that?? Or is this a recent development. Yes, they can and do bend the rules because it is easier all the time. Many other pieces wanting convictions of drug dealers thrown out on sheerly technical grounds, with underlying premise that the law is to protect the known guilty.

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Okay, so some of these I can kind of understand but

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Okay, so some of these I can kind of understand but Anonymous Coward , 5 Dec pm. A bunch of courts have said that this clearly violated the law, and should not have been done, but none have been willing to throw out any of the convictions because of it. The mere accusation of downloading porn, and the social embarrassment from that suggestion, was what drove the Prenda Law settlement machine. Due to porn, children are sexually assaulting other children at alarming rates The Children's Mercy hospital says that they are seeing "a disturbing trend in child sexual assault cases," and that pornography has a lot to do with it. Do you even know what year it is?

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