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As a Communication Coach I get asked all the time “How can I improve my communication skills?” by accountants and engineers, by ESL students, by immigrants, by counselors. I always start with the same response: “Become a great listener!” When they ask me how they can do that, I then start to break it down. I can’t tell you all the secrets to listening just now, but here is some quick advice to help you become a better communicator with friends, family, co-workers, and employees.

17. As a part of any anti-bullying programs, make certain the students also know that there is a difference between tattling and responsible reporting. Tattling is when you purposely try to get another person in trouble for petty reasons or for the purposes of revenge. Responsible Reporting is when you reach out to an adult figure with a problem where your own safety or the safety of another is at risk. In that case, telling is not tattling. It is doing the right thing as opposed to the easy thing.

It’s all about discipline. No amount of time Proteus Leadership will work if you won’t help yourself. You need to make a conviction to work on not being late.

One frequently used tool for assessing the strengths of your team members is Strengthfinders 2.0 by Tom Rath which includes Gallup’s online assessment. Learn the individual strengths of those on your team, and use this knowledge to strengthen your team.

Request that the guidance counselor, school social worker, or school psychologist get involved holding sessions with the victim of bullying. The guidance counselor should also meet with the identified bullies, one-on-one. It might even be helpful to have the leader of the mob and his or her target meet with either the guidance counselor or a trained mediator to try to work out a way for the bullying to no longer take place.

Outward displays of severe anger or frustration are damaging to the children who are engaging in these acts and they can be quite disruptive to teams, coaches, parents, spectators and to sports in general. The media have reported some alarming examples of kids, parents and coaches losing their tempers.

Finally, RELAX, and be yourself (but with reservations). No smoking, no gum chewing, no crossed legs but feet flat on the floor, be neat and clean with clean clothes. Dress accordingly. You wouldn’t wear a 3-piece suit for a truck driving job, but jeans and a tee shirt with a lot of printed crap won’t do for a retail sales job either. Match yourself to what you are applying for.

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