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Their only assets are their two stained foam mattresses, three cooking pots and the orange tarpaulin that covers their makeshift dome. The disaster is part of an arc of hunger and violence threatening 20 million people as it stretches across Africa into the Middle East. But the animals died around them and Zeinab became their only hope of escape. Now the country teeters on the brink again. Hersi took Zeinab to a local aid group, who took her to Italian aid group Cooperazione Internazionale.

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Hersi has seen hundreds of students drop out due to the drought.

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Her family cannot repay even a fraction of the dowry. A boy sickened and died; cholera has exploded throughout Somalia as the bacteria infects dwindling water supplies. Sheltering under the bare branches of a thorn tree as she waited for a cup of flour, one mother who just arrived in Dollow said she had been feeding her younger children while the older ones went hungry. A third woman bid goodbye to her crippled husband and walked through the desert for a week, carrying their toddler, to the place where there was food. Crops withered and the white bones of livestock are scattered across the Horn of Africa nation. Her husband would get back his money if he divorced her in front of witnesses. The dowry was received, the marriage celebrated, and union consummated.

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