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She can't regenerate, can't shape-shift, and can't use her mind-powers. It didn't frighten either of them, it excited them. And they both really, really, wanted. Just don't be ashamed if anything goes wrong. Firstly don't expect every chapter to be this long, most will average out around words, unless you'd rather the updates actually be limited to one a month.

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Harmony. Age: 21.
steven universe connie rule 34

She turned on the hot water and enjoyed the feeling of it washing over her body for a few moments before starting to wash herself off.

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Demi. Age: 28.
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The cum from her pussy tasted better, sweeter and more pleasant, but the cum from her cock felt better going over her tongue and down her throat, so warm and thick and satisfying. Stevonnie's other hand moved down, playing with her balls for a few seconds before going even lower and rubbing her pussy gently. Anyone who thought I wasn't going to go here eventually is either and idiot, or just hasn't been paying very close attention. One mind, one body, one form that you both loves, and that can love whatever she wants, forming her own opinion even if it's different from both of yours. As her gaze lingered on it, it began to grow hard, starting to rise to attention. That was exactly what they wanted.

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