Sperm shower

sperm shower
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Isolated sperm that are not in their fluid cannot move and die quickly. If water with sperm drops splashes out of the toilet bowl - the water has destroyed the sperm. Good dry wipe lasts long Therefore, if sperm is wiped well with a dry cloth or Kleenex and there are still isolated invisible sperm on the hand, and this hand then touches the sex of the woman, she cannot become pregnant. Unless you have a container of fresh sperm with you that you deliberately insert yourself into your vagina. And even if she did, she certainly won't use dripping toilet paper from sperm. Sperm that have dried up can no longer be "brought to life" and they also no longer become mobile when they come into contact with sperm or other fluids. Since sperm need a sufficient amount of seminal fluid to make its way through the vagina up into the uterus, no woman becomes pregnant from touching something that is not wet and where there might be some tiny, invisible droplets on it.

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sperm shower

On textiles that absorb heavily, such as towels, sheets or clothes, or on toilet paper, sperm are no longer able to move after a few minutes.

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If she dries off with towels that have sperm droplets on them. And then they can no longer penetrate the underwear or other clothes. Some may survive longer, but in any case they are no longer fertile. A woman does not get pregnant by the Klogang and in the bathroom Since we are asked this question very often, we answer it here once again: Can a woman get pregnant in the toilet? How can a woman get pregnant?

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