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And if you are already a regular Bathtubber, prepare for nirvana! It is typically square-shaped or round like a bucket. The ryokan called Umenoya that had an onsen. Bathing in Japan reminded me how calming and zen-like a little nature can be. Second, if that still seems out of reach, you can find Japanese bath houses all over the US and Europe. And so, with the introduction of this blog, I have gone public with my love of baths.

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japanese bath house videos

The women helped me turn on the faucet, and motioned for me to wet my hair, too.

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Time lapse of ancient japanese hot-spring bath house

I stood there like a deer in the headlights. You fill the ofuro with steaming water up to your neck. You find yourself taking your shoes off all the time and putting on a clean pair of slippers. An onsen that draws from a hot spring full of sulfur is said to help people with arthritis and skin problems. Then, since my big towel was all wet, I just walked naked back into the locker room. They also gave me a big towel and a small towel.

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