Clean Eating Kettle Corn (Video)

The farmer’s market at Alamitos Bay is one of the busiest in Long Beach, and for good reason. Two long aisles of fresh produce and more keep loyal visitors coming back every week.

Truman Markets is just getting started. When plans for this flea market have been completed, vendors and shoppers alike will find it to be a hot spot for the area. Read more about the plans for Truman Markets.

The boxes come with six 3.3 ounce bags; depending on your microwave you might be able to get one of these popped in about two minutes. Since this was the first time I was trying this I set it for the usual 3:33 and stood in front of the microwave until I heard the popping slow down. It smelled great and I couldn’t resist reaching in the bag for a quick taste. The first thing I noticed was there wasn’t a lot of grease on the inside of the bag; most people wouldn’t care about this but to me, that means I can eat it right out of the bag without having to get a bowl dirty.

When you receive an offer on your house, don’t take it personally. Remember, many people will look at any FSBO home as an opportunity to make a “low-ball” offer. Take your time, and try to look at the offer objectively.

What a lot of people dont understand is that Kettle Corn Concession is not a flavor of popcorn; it is a process by which popcorn is made. Using a big kettle permits the sugar to be mixed in while it’s popping. Then a splash of salt is added once it’s done. Kettle corn is affectionately know as “kettle crack”, because of it’s addicitive flavor.

For gardening enthusiasts, the colorful array of flowers and plants will catch your eyes. There are rare and exotic plants that are worthy of attention, both outdoor and indoor. There’s a good chance you will find something to add to your garden collection. The earth-friendly gardeners can also buy worm castings here, which can be used as fertilizer. It is believed to be the most natural way to grow plants, and make them rich in nutrients as well.

Finds at the market include the expected fresh grown tomatoes, corn, lettuce, and herbs. And the also expected strawberries, peaches, nectarines, and apples. But there is much more.

Besides, I am a huge fan of meritage; a blend using at a minimum Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc…a typical Bordeaux blend. My gracious host spent some time in the wine business; and as he indicated, I hope and pray he will be my best patron at my wine bar slated to open in May 2010. I hope I don’t miss the Derby…well; there’s no chance of that.

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