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I went to Canada when I was 20, after marriage. We started with casting and auditions and we started to put the whole project together. I feel it does more damage because people always come back learning something from the films they see. I went full force into taking care of my family. So yes, the LGBT [paradigm] was one aspect of this, but so is this thing about males not being able to enter the kitchen and not cooking. As children they probably grasp it from the community and the world around them. Thankfully, the story is in good hands with newcomer Shelly Chopra Dhar, a first-time feature film director at

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Clare. Age: 23.
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So my brother packed up after one year of being there and went back to India, and I went back to Michigan.

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Abril. Age: 32.
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5 Indian Movies That Celebrate Lesbian Love

It was very important to me to represent the [LGBT] community in the regular, normal, respectful way, which they deserve. Their mannerisms are made fun of. He started to work on a Hollywood project called Broken Horses. If you believe something is right, do it. Whether you like it or not, you absorb—either the mannerisms or the fashion or the hairstyle—you always come back with something from films.

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