Metroid prime endings

metroid prime endings
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Regardless of which ending is obtained, a post-credits scene depicts a lone Hornoad hopping across the surface of SR Depending on their final percentage, these messages are heard:. If she does, a white light will be seen leaving the exploding planet. Samus runs throughout the credits, jumps high, and lands except in the worst ending , with either one of these events occurring depending on how long the player took to complete the game. It finds Proteus Ridley 's discarded mechanical claw and attempts to gnaw on it, only for a resurgent X Parasite to zip past.

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They each start with Samus kneeling in her classic Metroid II cover pose, before breaking into a run and jumping above the screen, then landing, as she did in the credits of Metroid II.

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What are the 3 endings for Metroid prime 3?

She uses a small spacecraft to escape the Pirate Ship and fires a missile to destroy it. The bad ending, acquired by playing for five hours. With her mission complete, she reports in to Earth and enters cryostasis. Samus will wave farewell to the Luminoth before reaching her Gunship. The best ending, acquired by playing under three hours. However, Samus will congratulate the player in voiceover on the item percentage screen. Samus, in her " Unnamed Suit ", will be shown in various poses, before one of the following ending pictures appears:.

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