Pulling hair tumblr

pulling hair tumblr
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This kid has a potential future as a character designer or mangaka, especially if his dad teaches him how to draw. Originally posted by allforbts. Almost without thinking, he took one arm from around your waist, and ran it curiously through your long locks. You stopped, giving him a sarcastic look of concern. There he was above you, thrusting those goddamn hips, groaning, whispering the filthiest shit in your ear you could imagine, thumb placed over your clit as he did. When he saw you arch your back, biting your lips back and clenching your fists as he tightened his hold on your long, silky hair, he knew he found your weakness. Stretching back a little, you slowly trailed a hand up towards your nipple, twisting it with your finger and pulling your silky hair back harder as you rode him, more sinful moans falling from your lips.

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Jayla. Age: 29.
pulling hair tumblr

Might queue that up again because this knowledge is super needed all the time.

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Ellen. Age: 31.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

When you came down from your high, and finally looked at your boyfriend, you found him smirking above you with an evil look in his eye. When you finally caught a glimpse of Kookie, he looked pissed. You quickly turned your face away in embarrassment, keeping your gaze locked onto your toes. At first, he thought he hurt you, and he quickly let you go and apologized. You turned around, pushing him onto his back and wrapping your thighs around his lower torso. Without even thinking, his grabbed the back of your head, slipping a fist full of your silky hair in his hand, pulling your head to extend your back for him for a better angle. Please stop reblogging this post.

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