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Greg Manteufel fell ill in June and his family initially thought he had a bad flu. But his condition progressively worsened and his body eventually became covered in bruises. The West Bend man had contracted Capnocytophaga canimorsus, probably from a dog lick, and was fighting for his life within days.

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We use cookies to give you the best possible online experience. See our Cookie Policy for more information on cookies and how to manage them. You arrive home after a long day at work, and your dog greets you with a big, wet sloppy kiss.

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If you have a dog that licks a lot, you might be left wondering why. If he is licking between his toes, for instance, it would be logical to check that area to see if there is a burr, a splinter or a sore that he is worrying. If he is licking his tail, or the base of his rump, you might consider a flea problem or an anal gland irritation.

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Ever wonder what your dog is thinking when he slurps your face like a lollipop? Is he just saying hello—or planting the canine version of a kiss on your cheek? Although we may never know the real answer, it helps to understand the psychology of the lick. As any dog owner knows, dogs lick often and for a variety of reasons.

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We humans tend to think that when animals lick us, they are showing us their love. Or is there some other reason they are so obsessed with delivering incessant tongue lashings? She remembers how her mother gave her cleanings as a kitten and now is continuing what she learned, only with the roles reversed unless you happen to lick her as well.

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Dog lovers tend to interpret the licks dogs give them as kisses - but are these sloppy slurps really signs of affection? According to Ebbecke, "long, slurpy kisses that are accompanied by a soft, wiggly body are usually very affectionate gestures. But some small kisses around the mouth can mean something different.

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Some cats are more fastidious than others, but obsessive grooming signals a problem. Nellie, a seven-year-old female spayed tortoiseshell, rolled over on her back and revealed a bald belly. That's when her owner suddenly noticed she had a cat that licked too much.

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A lick granulomaalso known as acral lick dermatitisis a skin disorder found most commonly in dogsbut also in cats. In dogs, it results typically from the dog's urge to lick the lower portion of one of their legs. The lesion can initially be red, swollen, irritated, and bleeding, similar to a hot spot wet eczema. The animal's incessant licking of the lesion eventually results in a thickened, firm, oval plaquewhich is the granuloma.

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Tuesday, October 29, is National Cat Day in the US, giving feline owners everywhere an excuse to celebrate their furry friends. Here we unpick the reasons behind the oddest kitty behaviour - like kneading and head-butting - that most cat owners know and love. Licking helps animals to mark their territory, so your cat could be licking you to let others know you are their property.

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By Linda Cole. I have a dog who loves to lick legs and feet anytime she catches an unsuspecting bare foot or hand dangling from a chair. Do dogs lick us because we taste like salt, are they giving us a kiss, or is it more complicated with no clear answers? Puppies are groomed by their moms to keep them clean and help stimulate body functions.


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