Executive Coaching For All

I grew up doing a lot of skiing. I can ski on most any mountain on most any slope (although there are some at Whistler I don’t want to see again!) I have never done scuba. I may be an expert skier but I am a novice diver. We (the family) are going to learn to dive–and there are life and leadership lessons here.

We all have been formed by family, culture, and crises. There is enough knowledge in neuro- psychology that indicates we can dig into the past, gain an understanding of conscious and unconscious choices, become more self aware and free our inner creativity.

Transitioning into a new bigger role. “What got you here won’t get you there.” A good coach can help a leader hit the ground running in a new role. Past success can be a big impediment to moving up the ladder successfully as we tend to repeat what has worked in the past even though it may not be appropriate in our new role. https://www.catalystcoachingandmentoring.co.uk/executive-coaching/ can accelerate the transition and ensure success.

Take inventory. Who is slipping under your radar? Whether the people you need to keep track of are family members, direct reports or others, simply taking a head count can help you keep them on your screen.

The journey is swift and often ends abruptly. Like a flaming meteor, they crash, exhausted and disillusioned. The very ideals which brought them to their dreamed-of work become the reason they leave forever. The explosion might be a tirade against the company, the industry or the coworkers. The bitterness may be over feeling used. The perception might be that the whole outfit lacks vision and integrity. They leave forever, often turning on the very people at the top who are first were thrilled to have them on board. The company or oganization loses one of its most valuable people.

Our belief that there should be an effort for the executive and the coach to become friends is based on a healthy understanding of what friendship is. A healthy friendship – no matter where you find it in your life – has a number of common characteristics.

If you as a manager or executive happen to be on the path leading to this type of burnout do two thing immediately. First, take some vacation time. Then find a mentor or get some executive coaching. Your challenge is to achieve perspective, something which calls for talking with someone else who has perspective.

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