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However, they receive damage like devils do if they pray to God. Later on, she helps draw off energy from Issei's Boosted Gear by sucking on his finger, and flirts more openly with him. Unlike most of the female characters who already have a crush on Issei, she is still figuring out if she likes him or not. They are the only group of Devils who resist using the Evil Pieces system, as they believe them to be a disgrace to Devils because they reincarnate Humans and other races into Devils. Euclid Lucifuge tries to kidnap her not only for the information, but also because he sees her as a replacement for his sister Grayfia. Transformed vampires are despised and eternally low-class and none of the clans are considered to even be close to treating their slaves even remotely as family. As such, she did not lose most of her powers.

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However, they receive damage like devils do if they pray to God.

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In Volume 14 both the Gremory and Sitri groups are surprised to hear her speak in an unpolished, country voice while talking to her grandmother in her homeland. Currently, the faction heads have used numerous seals to hide her presence. Asia is strongly attracted to Issei as her first friend; she is jealous whenever he acts perverted towards the other girls, asking that he redirect his actions towards her. When Ravel was young she developed a great fondness for the hero stories that her butler told her. After witnessing Riser's defeat, she becomes infatuated with Issei albeit with tsundere tendencies , and later transfers to his school so she can spend more time with him. She is currently pursuing two goals, the first is to create a school to teach devils how to become Valkyries, and the second is to open a discount store that carries everything in her homeland. The remaining three leaders are eventually defeated, with the remaining members killed by Ajuka Beelzebub.

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