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Newsletters Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events. If we can survive this administration the future is female. Why did you want to record this song and produce this specific video? Those are my friends and my people! I personally want to crush him. And, as a lifelong resident of the Emerald City, she has seen many manifestations of what she loves go extinct.

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But with his help and some incredible musicians, I took it and made it my own.

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Belltown is a place where I love to go to when I want to be a little wild and weird. This Week's Issue Print Archives. Not to mention, the city is built on native land to begin with, so even the things we have come to love were a trauma for others. I mean truly, fuck this guy and the current Republican party for allowing this horrifying nonsense to continue. I personally want to crush him. What did you learn about yourself or the city while making this video? What is it about the video that provides context for the current administration?

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