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On average, they are stronger, have a faster sprinting speed, have more stamina, are more enduring, and have greater fortitude, some so more than others. The breeds least affected by the feral state may still display traits such as primitive tool use e. The amount of sexual contact required to stay tame varies by breed and to a lesser extent by individual; this need is irrelevant from sexual desire. These were tools to write in the old canon and used to be regulated by a committee. Beyond that, it is largely up to the author. Pokegirls form strong social bonds much in the way humans do. Those with the most loss of capacity will exhibit only the lowest forms of mentation, instinct.

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Paityn. Age: 23.
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Blood Traits: Basically watered down pokegirl traits inherited by humans who hybridized with pokegirls.

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Journee. Age: 23.
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Pokegirls form strong social bonds much in the way humans do. There are a lot of breeds that need to be imported from the old pokedex and the forums. Although sexual contact with other pokegirls can stave off the mental decline, it cannot reverse it. All things being equal, the least physically threatening of them are as dangerous to men as men are to women and children. Tame: Tame pokegirls have behavioral traits associated with higher order thought including tool use, bilateral teaching, and metacognition. In modern verbiage, a type of monster girl.

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