Smoking fetish archive

smoking fetish archive
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I doubt it's possible to find a reliable source that tells when newsgroups were created, but even if it is, I don't think they're notable The "ashtray" is sometimes made to eat the cigarette end. Forced smoking seems more of a submissive thing, and there is no "object" here. A parallel would be Pavlov's dog. Human ashtray similarly is a submissive or masochistic act. When some straight men picture or see a woman smoking, it makes the smoke seem more pleasant to them; but if these same men picture or see a man doing it, then it isn't as stimulating. Al-man53 , 7 June UTC.

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It is but I wouldn't consider it one of the most Socially unacceptable, I suppose it would depend on what level the fetish goes to but compared to say Coprophilia, Necrophilia, Biastophilia and Pedophilia its saint like!!!

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Exploding Boy , Sep 21, UTC Is it common for people with a smoking fetish to share it with other women, friends of theirs? Can't you see that this is a semi-porn site targeted to the fetishists? Eventually the experimenter would stop delivering the meat and just ring the bell. Sometimes people have cigarette ash flicked onto their body, and have the cigarette put out on their body - again causing burns. Here's a link to the blog in question. This can involve holding an ashtray for the smoker or having ash flicked into their hand.

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