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BTW: Is there a wish list for things to change bcs the music in the tavern is nice but I cant stay with this for more then 5 minutes bcs I have the feeling this guys all play the same song GingerEffect User 4 May 21, And after Novigrad also talk to Triss about the progess. Like she is not going to appear anymore into the plot??? Kasi User 5 May 21, If you like Triss more than Yennefer, do it, it's your choice, but don't confuse relationship with blunt sex. At the end he even mistook Triss for his former sorceress lover, so Yennefer as we know her from the books didn't exist for him, even though not literal of course.

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Willa. Age: 25.
naked triss

Only problem is I'm in Kaer Morhen and Triss is not yet which is fine and all but where is she?

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Josephine. Age: 31.
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What's wrong with Triss Romance Scene

I already heard that the core sex scenes are apparently all the same, which is really a bummer, but i think you shouldn't judge the relationship only with the sex. Kasi User 3 May 21, Kallelinski User 12 May 23, Kasi User 13 May 23, I mean you tell her to go to Kaer Morhen and now I am there to Lift the curse off uma. Tishen User 20 May 23, And why not take a seat drink your vodka and smoke a pipe while listing the people around.

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