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Knowing they were in a very tricky situation Edward would leave immediately with Gemma for the capital where he would attempt with all that remained of his clout with William to do something about this situation. You believe you have seen evil because you knew your friends brother. Lady Gemma Cullen, I am sorry about the rushed nature of my last letter, but the news was not good, and you and your cousin were the only people I knew well enough in Lucerne that were close enough to the king to effect any kind of real change. Entering the home he found the skinned bodies of untold number of people all over the walls, and the decaying bodies of a young women, and two children sitting a table in the middle of the home with a giant hole in the ground. They control more ground then we do. She slowly spent more and more time with Grenda Lowly of whome begin to on top of her failing sight become unable to even walk as she was afflicted by a particularly virulant form of gout to her legs. You know what we will find in Lucerne.

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taylor swift pov

Her eyes showed that she believed in me, and I knew I couldn't fail that kind of trust.

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William would spend the night with Leven , Jasper, Emmett, and Edward as the Shadow Council as they were not openly to each other calling themselves spent a few last hours with each other before they all knew everything was going to change. Her bullying was the main reason that she became so involved in the Dragonoph religion in Brill, and also became so gullible to men tricking her. Arriving at the scene they found the cultist army flowing into Kirin Tor, and they would attack them from behind where the cultists were killed in huge numbers but managed to keep the Lucernians away for a time. With the creation of the Order, the new leadership of the Order placed members of the Local temples in charge of their specific areas. The Orcs for there part had recently sent a smaller force through through the Morgul Pass of which had been moving southward towards the fortress of Narvine of which they would as usual most likely raid the already barren farmland north of Narvine and then retreat when they were opposed. Talia would recall her sister Talia to her side, and alongside Imlad Menathil they formed a sort of Menathil council for the leadership of the land alongside Edward of whom advised them as best he could.

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