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The Esse Chaise is slightly narrower than the other style, which makes it easier to straddle if you are under 5' 8" cm tall. I know that TantraChair has said they had difficulty with some companies using their patents, so i'm not sure how legit they are. Besides being just plain fun to use they're kind of like a sex trampoline these mini chairs are great for pregnant women and people with knee injuries. If you find you are too light to stretch it down then put a sex cushion or pillow under your love to get the best height. The quality, craftsmanship, and longevity of it are a great investment compared to the other cheaper imitations available.

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Amaya also has an entire erotic art collection that is an interesting display of what's possible with sex furniture.

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Sex Chair manufacturers & suppliers

I also can't find any reviews on these sofas or any other news articles about them, and they don't respond to my emails. Amelie is a sociology student with a passion for studying the experiences of BDSM-oriented people. They have some interesting and unique pieces of furniture like 'Elegance'. When she's not studying she also works as a pro-domme and freelance writer. What did you think of the B. It's portable so many people bring it along to dungeons and swinger parties and other entertainment events.

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