History Of Hydraulic Jacks

While working on your car, you may need to change its tires, check its undercarriage or even remove its steering wheel. These tasks require specialized tools. We have discussed some of the most common ones in this article.

Begin by removing the U bolts that hold the axle to the spring. Separate the spring from the perch. Next, use two large C clamps to hold the spring pack together while you remove the center bolt.

In the old days you only replaced shocks. Today most vehicles have strut type suspension systems that require a more involved repair. Monroe Quick Struts makes what used to be a very labor intensive job a simple repair that almost anyone can do in their driveway with simple hand tools and a azulejos hidraulicos.

Transmissions don’t usually have drain plugs, so this one can be messy. A tip is to leave a couple of bolts on one side of the pan so it’s easy to control when you crack the gasket seal to drain. You have to remove the entire pan to drain the fluid.

Being this is instructions for the long add a leaf you’ll need to bend out your factory clips so you can insert your new leaf in. So with channel locks, pliers or pipe wrench bend out the factory clips. Note – a lot of add a leaf kits will come with replacement clips so use these if yours will not fit another leaf. If this is the case your old clips must be removed by drilling, grinder or torch.

Step IV – Install The Coilover – Before you install the coilover on the vehicle, just set up your kit first. Some notched collars keep in place the coilover shock bodies in the lower half and you can use the collar wenches to loosen them. You have to thread the shock body (lower) along the shock assembly and there is a rule to it. If you want to reduce the riding height of your vehicle, thread it upwards and so on. Tighten the wenches once you reach your desired height.

We then remove the old filter. Use an oil filter wrench and turn the filter loose. Try to steer clear of the old liquid that might spill out. After this we finally get to put in the new oil. We first lubricate the rubber gasket at the end of the new filter. Then pour in the oil into the new filter. Fill up about two-thirds of it. A little more is okay but it might cause a spill when you screw it into place.

Remove the bolts that connect both the upper control arm and the lower control arm to the wheel hub. Remove the bolts that hold the tie rod to the wheel hub after lowering the jack. Remove the hub.

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