Important Factors To Be Considered In Website Design

Having a website that converts your visitors matters just as much as getting traffic to it. Before your site converts anyone, it needs to give them a good reason to stay there more than 30 seconds. The appearance of your website will greatly determine if people want to return, regardless of your content. Three seconds flat – that’s about how long it takes for people to make a judgment about site. How tough is that… to make your impression in so short a time. A badly designed site, with crappy navigation structure, will very rarely outperform a site that excels in those areas. So taking the time to do this right, the first time, will only help your online business efforts. Great – now let’s get into some more discussion on this critical topic.

Even if you don’t get beyond the title of this book, you’ve learned the most important lesson in running a web site. “Don’t make me think” means “don’t confuse me. Don’t make me wonder what something is.” Every component of your web page should be recognizable at a glance. Your design should trigger a cascade of confident check marks in your visitor’s conversation with him self while scanning your page. That’s a menu – that’s a product list – that’s a special announcement.

You can create and sell your own products or services using Internet. For example, if you’re a web design expert, you can write the ebooks related to aspects of sprint web design and sell them online. The idea here is that you build your home business based on what you’re knowledgeable. But the quick and safe way to start a home based business is that selling someone else’s products or services. If you use this way to make money, you’re called an affiliate. Lots of affiliates claim that they can make money not using a website. Yes, it’s true. But I strongly believe that they are making a big mistake. Because owning a website can help you to build your asset on the internet, it’s your mailing list.

Give your visitor what it is they’re searching for by keeping them interested. Deal with their needs immediately. They’ll have a problem or perhaps a want in some way. Solve the issue. Provide the want.

Websites are like physical shops in some ways because they are an important way to convince people to do business with you. People see a shop window and if it looks good to them they go in. A website is the same. If it doesn’t look good it can deter people. By looking good, this doesn’t just mean aesthetics but also the layout. Nobody likes trying to work out where things are. If it isn’t obvious they will click away to somewhere else. You only have a few seconds to make a good impression so don’t waste the opportunity.

When you master the power of words in communicating with your customers – they will actually look forward to hearing and seeing your next promotion. They will tell their friends about the awesome stuff you are doing. They will get personal with you and feel like you are a good friend. And they will buy almost anything you ask them to buy.

Small-sized, hard to read text. This is obvious. The primary reason why you put text on your website was so that your customers could read it, right? Why not make it easier for them to read it by changing your text color in Sitegrinder so that it can actually be read against the background?

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