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amusement park orgasm
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Some women use controlled breathing while thinking erotic thoughts to climax. These women can focus on little else besides their vagina. Some women feel as if they are about to cum anytime, and that they desperately need to cum. Many women who experience persistent arousal have an overwhelming urge to masturbate. Simply thinking about sex can lead to orgasm. Whether you have a hands-free orgasm or not, you will be getting more in tune with your body. Some women have orgasms in a nonsexual setting just by sitting on something that vibrates, stimulating the clitoris.

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But, the accidental orgasms they achieve often give them little relief.

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The Ride Of Her Life: Woman Seems To Reach Orgasm During Carnival Ride (Video)

If having an occasional accidental orgasm sounds fun to you, work on your visualizing and breathing techniques and start doing the right exercises like I talked about above. Their sexual arousal can take over their lives and can actually torment them. The arousal state associated with persistent genital arousal disorder is often a painful one, accompanied by burning, swelling and throbbing. Instead, women who have accidental orgasms are in a constant state of arousal. Eventually, the body has a spontaneous orgasm, and this could happen in very inconvenient places.

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