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Alternatively, clap a little on the applause-o-meter, which may give him the courage to write some more. And in that seeking he found also a new man within himself. They stood for a moment on the porch, and just as he leaned slightly forward toward her face, she took his hand and pulled him inside. When Michael went on to graduate school in Tulsa, she had followed, working to put him through his study right through to the PhD. The Ben Nathan Case — Chapter 9.

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As Dewey finished telling his story, the tow truck had arrived to ferry Susan and her vehicle back to Dine City.

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Susan had nodded during his story, with interest and sympathy, liking this man very much. It was along this same highway, south of town, that he had met her. Except, of course, divorce. And so they talked about that. She asked about his nature printing hobby; his work; at one stage she even talked politics, assuming with a jaunty self-assured air, that he, like she, was just a tad more liberal than the folks they lived around. He wrapped her in a blanket and got her to the cafe in Kingfisher.

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