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In other words, he wanted to take over PTL. KING: You hosted your own talk show? He goes, "I know it's going to be hard on you, but just understand one thing: It's all going to be OK. Everybody promises you stuff and this and that. You're just a church secretary. They get a Bible, and they get a microphone, they got a three-piece suit. Nobody had the balls to do that.

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HAHN: I don't have children.

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And I'll find out how you feel when you see Jim and Tammy Faye now. HAHN: I am rooting for him because I feel like I've been blackmailed and I feel like that many times, people attack the well, you know, well-to-do people and they see an opportunity. KING: We'll find out what she did right after this. In his book, he said, "Most of all, I did not rape Jessica Hahn. KING: What was it like to see yourself all over the news? KING: In other words, you go out and make love with preachers?

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