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The Encyclopaedia of the Philosophic Sciences, the Vedas had been the product of cognitions by Indian Seers in greater states of Consciousness. Astronomy, Mathematics. Astrology, Numerology, Logic, Philosophy, Gemology etc all derive from this mighty Encyclopaedia. Astronomy, Arithmetic and Numerology evolved from the Wisdom of the Heavens, Astrology. Astro-Numerology was the ideal mix of the science of the Figures and the Science of Time.

Furthur researches in GSI vs. GIA has discovered that gems increase the transmission of Cosmic Colors radiated by the planets which is absorbed by our etheric or astral body thus satiating “Colour Hunger ” and getting rid of disease. This is the rationale of Gem Treatment.

Then you place in some vibrant coloured pieces of plastic. Let’s say you put in some blues and some reds and some yellows. Now we are speaking about the color. Let’s say you just place blues and greens in the black mix. In opalspeak we would contact that blue/green on black. If the eco-friendly color was the dominant color we would change it about and contact it green/blue on black.

Knowing exactly where the “magic figures” are and how they function can come in handy ought to you stumble on the right stone. It can also display you when a compromise on some other aspect of the diamond might be a good idea to get into a “magic quantity” diamond that can conserve you a great deal of cash.

This technologies is very simple. In order for a diamond to sparkle, its aspects must reflect light (Mild RETURN). In essence, aspects that perform correctly, are functioning as MIRRORS, therefore they will mirror some thing that is place “in front” of them, or as the situation gemological society may be. over them.

Funeral Director: Yep, you listened to right. This is really a very profitable profession, even though probably not suitable for everyone. There will by no means be a lack of need for funeral directors, for apparent reasons. The scarcity of funeral experts makes life frantic for the couple of accessible.

Do it. Put on whatever has caught your whim. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s your jewellery. It’s yours to put on as you please. So put on whatever you like, and make it function in the way you put on it.

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