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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read Edit View history. The prosthetic make-up effects and body suits for Rosemary, Rosemary's mother, and all of the secondary characters were designed and created by Tony Gardner and his company Alterian, Inc. Peter Farrelly Bobby Farrelly. Hal Larson Jack Black is a superficial man whose fixation on the physical beauty of women gets in the way of seeing their inner beauty. He heads to the Peace Corps recruiting office and confronts Ralph, believing he and Rosemary got back together.

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Hal, during his search for Rosemary, finds that Mauricio had his own reason for stopping Hal's hypnosis: He has an inoperable vestigial tail , which has prevented him from ever getting close to a woman.

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Miriam. Age: 24.
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Mauricio confesses he was envious of Hal's happiness and is afraid to start a relationship with a woman. Assuming the worst, Rosemary leaves in tears. Confused and distraught, Rosemary calls Hal a "psycho" over the phone and effectively breaks up with him. Hal becomes trapped in an elevator with life coach Tony Robbins. Used to being overlooked due to her appearance, Rosemary initially interprets Hal's interest as mockery, but begins to realize his feelings for her are sincere. Mauricio confesses to Hal the truth about Robbins' hypnotherapy , but Hal does not believe it until he runs into a woman who initially appeared beautiful to him but whom Hal now sees in her true, physically unattractive state.

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