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The story is of how the great King fell prey to two swindlers who told him that they would make for him clothes made of material which “possessed the wonderful quality of being invisible to any man who was unfit for his office or unpardonably stupid.” They asked for the finest silk and the most precious gold-cloth; all they got they did away with, and worked at the empty looms till late at night. They pretended to be very hard at work, but did nothing whatever on the looms.

So, now the chords are named I II III IV V VI VII. To save us from getting too bogged down in musical theory, let us take some simple ideas for granted. First, in any key the chord that the key is named after is always the I chord. So now you can go back and look at the notes in the C major scale and check out the new names of all the notes. Not that it will mean much yet.

At precisely that same time, one deck below in the interpretive center, there is, in fact, something to see out there. A whole room of people lean into the window with their binoculars as a hired ล่ามญี่ปุ่น keeps people in the room posted. “There’s one going by the buoy,” he shouts. With swells of 20 feet or more, it has been a hard day to see whales, he said. On this day, he only sees six or seven. The next day, with calmer seas with only 12-foot swells, he will see 20 whales. But on this day the payoffs are few and far between as the giant curtain of waves steals the show.

The OMLT hut now had portable air conditioner unit. It kinda looked like a paper shredder so for a week we didn’t use it until the curiosity of why such a remote vehicle patrol base would have a paper shredder got the better of us. There was even a portable shower tent now. Previously, half a bag of baby wipes some bottled water with an antiperspirant and you were ready for another four days.

When entering Australia you will have to surrender all fresh food, animal and plant products and any unprocessed foodstuffs. You will be required to sign a statement to this effect. This is a quarantine regulation to prevent the entry of foreign organisms that may have a harmful effect on Australia’s native vegetation, wildlife and farming goods.

That is all the basic theory we need to learn guitar chord progressions without blundering around like an elephant in an outhouse. There is more you could learn but we are more concerned with playing the chords than explaining them. Now we can take a look at the some chord progressions. The most common progression you will come across as a guitar player is I IV V. You will find these chords referred to in music theory as “tonic” “subdominant” and “dominant”.

Back with Ilana’s camp, Richard prepares to leave. He tells them that they need to stop Faux Locke from getting on the plane, and that they need to destroy it. Sun approaches him, furious about the idea of destroying the plane, and rants about finding Jin. Of course, no one understands a word she says because she speaks in Korean.

Maybe it is just laziness that keeps them from being assertive all the time. Maybe they are content with not having to make a decision unless they have to. Some contend that it is just they way the person is programmed. When the pressure is on, they step up.

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