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college dare tumblr
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Our normal fights were like an hour, two hours tops, then we would clean up, get together in the living room with some beers, and laugh about what happened. So when I moved back to Chicago, and into the apartment, I obviously brought my Nerf guns my roommate gave me his when we moved out , and I obviously attacked my roommates the first opportunity I had. Kyle buys a bigger battery, newer parts, and he perfects his belts, which increases his firing speed to 12 darts a second. This meant when Eric also ran out of food, he knew the only way to get a meal was to make peace with me. He started making paper cartridges that would explode open once fired. I did not know he was there.

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Amina. Age: 29.
college dare tumblr

I, however, try to eat healthy, so I ran out of food almost immediately.

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Maeve. Age: 31.
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So Paul steps up to take advantage of his improved aim and buys something called a Pucker Chucker which basically is a t-shirt cannon except it shoots foam pucks. He literally could have slapped me and he missed. Suddenly, he could actually fire multiple times a minute, which meant once again, he was at the top. Do you hear the cries of pain and grab a first aid kit before sprinting into the hall to help? So he would pour foam pellets into the cannon until it was half full, slip in a disc to keep them from falling out, then shotgun people in the face. So we all escalated in our own insane ways. However, some of us were terrible shots, so certain measures had to be taken to make it possible for them to keep up.

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