Fire emblem spring

fire emblem spring
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I have had a lot of success with this build. Default Attack Special Injured. Conversely, Speed can be dropped down to 22, as it's low enough that it can be used as a dump stat. Live for Bounty If unit survives, get 1. This alone makes her an incredibly valuable unit to field with flier support, made only more impressive by the fact that she can also handle Reinhardt without breaking a sweat. Death Blow 4 Alternate: Death Blow 3. Although she doesn't generally require any 5 star exclusive skill to shine, she still needs plenty of SI.

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Fiona. Age: 20.
fire emblem spring

With Hone and Fortify flier buffs equipped, she could do quite a bit of damage, though she would rarely have the capability to double any enemy units.

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Lilliana. Age: 31.
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Spring Festival (Focus)

Good Defense Camilla can be built with Gronnraven to tank arrows easily, making her incredibly valuable to her fellow fliers. Live for Bounty If unit survives, get 1. Her B slot is also variable, depending on what you want her to counter. Boost Community Discord All Games. Default Attack Special Injured.

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