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So it happened for the first time in your mid-twenties. For me, personally, I don't like the sensation of the whole butt thing. Historically, oral sex was taboo, and now it's sexual bread and butter. So there you go — the general consensus from a tiny, unscientific case study of straight dudes: once you're down, you're down. Do you like having a girl's fingers in your butt?

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Nathaly. Age: 26.
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It's also a hygiene thing for me.

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Let's Be Honest, Straight Guys: We All Like Butt Stuff

But then it sort of accidentally happened one night; she was playing around the edges and then, y'know, oops, in it was! The whole thing was a mess — Kanye was weirdly preoccupied with skinny jeans and letting everyone know he's an "OG" catch up on it here if that's your sort of thing — but the one tweet that managed to cut through all the confusion was Amber Rose's response:. VICE: Do you like fingers in your butt during sex? Is that because you didn't want to do it, or because it'd never occurred to you? But I've heard that dudes like it because it intensifies their orgasm, and I think with anything sexual it's so subjective and personal that it's best just to let people crack on. To be honest, probably because it feels like it shouldn't happen, like it's a bad thing. I think it's to do with male pride, also.

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