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With that, she put her book face down by the bed and cup of tea on the unit before Mark pulled her hip up, forcing her face and hands down onto the counterpane. However, she realised that occasionally she would have to fully submit to his wishes and when Mark was around the master bedroom she would often remove her panties altogether in expectation. After , Mark released Katie and she got up and wandered over to the mirror to inspect her now well reddened rear end. He then gave her 20 spanks in the diaper position, lifting her slightly to ensure her bottom was clear of the bed for spanking. This did not seem to deter her, and she continued with her wayward behaviour.

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Mark then released Katie who scurried across toward the mirror to examine her now smarting behind.

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Elliot. Age: 20.
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Katie noticed a warm glow was now penetrating her erogenous zones making her feel hot and very naughty indeed. He then raised her nightie and fully exposed her bottom in the air whilst kneeling on the bed. Katie found it hard to stay still, bending her knees and squirming to try and absorb the penetrating sting of the lash. Mark and Katie were a married couple in their 40s with no children but a small Staffordshire terrier dog called Bella who was 3 and very lively, but kept out of the master bedroom. They had been married about 15 years, and for the first 10 years or so were very happy. Katie and Mark had come to an agreement that if she overspent, then she would get a 50 stroke hand spanking at his discretion.

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