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It's that time of year for sexy christmas things. My god, isn't it amazing how many busty bikinis babes we get to stare at? I love Stacey's posing style here, it's so fucking sexy. Let's just say if you want to stare at her boobs and butt a bit longer, you can because Stacey Poole really shows them off today. I know you loved the video of Stacey Poole's christmas , but have you seen the pictures?

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Kadence. Age: 21.
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Let me ask you this, when's the last time you saw Stacey Poole in a skimpy bikini?

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Libby. Age: 24.
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It's been awhile, so let's watch Stacey posing in her evergreen bikini , making winter much more warm after her boobs bounce out. Let me ask you this, do you seek rare pictures of Stacey Poole? Oh yea, there's a part two of Stacey Poole's sexy christmas video. She's in the bedroom doing boudoir but it ends up being more erotic, because let's face it, when her boobs are out, you're drooling. She is playing the sexy secretary with the tiny tie which actually makes her boobs look bigger than they already are. Let's just say she outdid herself again.

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