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girls sucking on breast
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As interesting as this message may be, as well as the different responses it receives anytime it is being passed around, depending on which side of the divide you find yourself, I am more worried about the health implications attached. The purported message is claimed to have been issued by the Ministry of Health in the fight against breast cancer. Breast feeding is not the same as breast sucking. Again, some frightened lady who hitherto was not in favour of breast sucking may easily submit herself to torture with the belief that she is suffering for a good reason. The fact that they come in various shapes and sizes, further add to their uniqueness and endearing place in our hearts as humans.

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So ladies, please relax and allow your guys do the job for you.

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However, what has been scientifically proven is the fact that breast sucking when properly performed is of immense pleasure to the woman and may sometime on its own lead to orgasm or when combined with some other forms of sexual stimulation will help a woman to achieve orgasm quicker. For, pray, why would a full grown man be obsessed with sucking some mounds of milkless breasts? Help women fight breast cancer today. Interestingly, men are constantly drawn to the breasts. For those familiar with some of the social media platforms, you would have come across a particular message that has been making the rounds for a couple of years now. There are no scientifically proven studies indicating that breast sucking is of any medical benefit to the the woman whose breast is being sucked or the person doing the sucking. Please, let us not confuse issues.

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