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luann comics
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Toni has found her anchor in Brad, but her brother is adrift. In a huge mid-life gamble, Frank and Nancy bought a shabby old warehouse and, with financial help from TJ and the resources of Mr. She dreams of being a Tycoon like her dad so that she can be independent of him. At the wheel of her Jeep, she drives restlessly through life, seeking the next Extreme Adventure! Gray, so he now reluctantly lives in their guest house with Les Knox, who used to bully him in high school. Petulant, strong-willed and bossy, she bounces between Jonah, Toni and assorted sitters.

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Gemma. Age: 20.
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Worse, he's dating the evil and manipulative Ann Eiffel who seems bent on making Tiffany's life miserable.

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Nora. Age: 23.
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Meet the Gang

He sees the world as always being against him - he never gets a break. With an exuberant zest for adventure and enlightenment, Dez lives on a spiritual plane of mystic thinking and weird teas. Shannon, a first grader, adores her flakey dad but really needs some stability in her life. Now, just as Brad is learning orderliness from her, she is learning spontaneity from him. Gunther goes to Moony, where he excels in engineering.

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