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It's used also in culinary applications and dyed various colors when other kinds of films need a satisfactory goo like substance, but its been a mainstay in the porn industry for decades now. If the male actor has already shot his load earlier in shooting but they need to get another, it's not entirely out of the question to get really creative. Naturally things become better and more modernized over time, since pornography hasn't gone anywhere since the 70s and if anything has only exploded in popularity, it has now become a worthwhile business venture to actually be in the business of fake jizz. However none of them really stand-up against products that have been specially designed to mimic the real thing, like the product I'm going to cover next. Written by: Angela Watson Updated: January 20th, There are countless other fake cum recipes if you want to learn how to make fake cum that I could go over. Surely you didn't think the massive cumshots were grounded in reality, right?

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They even made a strawberry flavor, which in my opinion is pretty funny.

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Fake Facials - Have Fun!

About the Author Recent Posts. They even make their own brand of squirting dildos and spray bottle applicators to make any scene a reality. Porn directors buy buckets full of methylcellulose , specifically a formulation called F50, and then mix it with water to get the consistency they're looking for. It isn't hard to source, but the fact that it requires mixing on site means that the consistency won't be the exact same every time, nobody wants to have to call in their local fake cum expert just to have some continuity between scenes. Written by: Angela Watson Updated: January 20th, Also, it is water based and doesn't stain or ruin any equipment it might accidentally come into contact with.

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