Social Media Iq Test… Where Do You Fall On The Scale?

The most important consideration when writing anything, whether an article, sales page, press release, etc., is who your audience is. What you write, including your message, your style, the language you use, the concepts you mention or explain, is all determined by who your audience is. Writing is not about you at all. Sure, you’re the conduit, and it might be your unique message you’re conveying. But it’s the audience who matters. You are connecting your message to them.

Business: You can not only do market research on Twitter, you can keep yourself on the top of your industry by following the right people, and push your business on it. Just make sure you don’t spam others.

Once you have liked to these other blogs send an email to the authors, letting them know you are an avid reader and you hope they will add your blog to their blog roll.

Examples of social media applications are Wikipedia (reference), Facebook (social networking), (personal music), YouTube (video sharing), Second Life (virtual reality), Flickr (photo sharing) and Twitter (microblogging). Many of these can be integrated via social network aggregation platforms like TweetDeck, Mybloglog and Plaxo.

Investigate whether your product sells better by recommendation versus education. Use wikis and widgets to help recommend, or use videos and podcasts for education.

A) We selected the most popular bookmarking services based on popularity and visibility in search engines. We only stopped at 16 due to time constraints, but we will add many more of them in the future. By AddThis maintain the list of bookmarks and feed buttons allow Web publishers to better focus on its content.

Don’t let me put you off. Twitter is full of success stories; businesses that have grown through building a loyal fan base. However, just because posting a ‘tweet’ is quick doesn’t make it easy. Fortunately, as ever, there are plenty of companies that can offer help – from Twitter design and account setup to helping you to plan the social media services that are best suited to your business. They act a bit like stabilisers on a bike. Very soon you’ll be riding by yourself – and enjoying the journey. Opace Technology Solutions are a successful Birmingham Web Design company who specialise in delivering internet marketing services to clients, helping them on their journey to success.

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