Bottom of the hudson river

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Jump to navigation. Researchers at both institutions have found that, aside from a few very specific locations, the estuary may have largely stopped filling in with new sediment. McHugh, the lead scientist on the study being published in an upcoming issue of the journal Geology.

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Lithographs by Currier and Ives detail the 19th-century maritime disasters on the Hudson River involving the steamships Clay above and Swallow below. A bove the waterline, the Hudson River is a gorgeous thing to behold. As long as humans have been riding floating objects on water, those objects have invariably sunk.

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Underneath the surface of the Hudson River Estuary exists a wide range of river-bottom habitats-from the shallow, muddy bottom in the Tappan Zee and other shallow near-shore areas, to the deep, sandy bottom in the navigation channel that runs north to Albany. River-bottom habitats are important for various fish species that spawn or feed on the bottom, for placement of structures such as underwater cables, pipelines, and piers, and for their historical record - there are many ship wrecks on the river bottom, some of which may have great historic values. The major goals of the project are to provide a base map of benthic river bottom habitats, to identify areas where sediments collect or erode, and to obtain the detailed information necessary for permitting and regulation of future human activities such as dredging, fishing, and construction projects.

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Shipwreck explorers Jim Kennard and Dick Duncan recently conducted a search in the Hudson River near Saugerties, New York, using a very high resolution imaging sonar discovering seven abandoned shipwrecks within just a few hours. Since then hundreds of thousands of vessels have traversed this waterway including a variety of sailing ships, horse powered ferry boats, steamships, and gas powered boats. Some of the older sailing ships were eventually turned into barges to live out their usefulness.

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From shipwrecks to an upright dining table to a dead giraffe, a cornucopia of strange objects have been discovered in the shadowy depths of the Hudson and East rivers, New York Harbor and the city's surrounding waters. A digital journal called Underwater New York publishes fictional stories, art and music inspired by these objects, which were found by researchers from Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, commercial divers and other curious souls. The project was inspired by a article in New York magazine called "Secrets of the Deep," which described some of the objects found in New York Harbor.

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All rights reserved. They were helping state biologists assess whether the spawning or foraging of a fabled and endangered bottom-feeding denizen, the Atlantic sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchuswas being disrupted when commercial vessels dropped anchor in a spot designated as a waiting area to manage ship traffic. More anchorages were planned elsewhere in the Hudson.

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This project includes extensive mapping using sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, single and multi-beam bathymetric sonar, as well as collecting ground truth data with sediment cores, grab samples, and sediment profiling imagery SPI. The goal of the River Bottom Mapping project is the creation of a comprehensive data set that includes detailed interpretive maps of the physical environment of the floor of the estuary that can be used to support activities related to wildlife management, sediment and contaminant management, and protection of historic resources. An overview of the first phase of the benthic mapping project can be found in Bell et al.

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Jump to main content or area navigation. On this page: Why is the cleanup of the upper Hudson River needed? What's being done to address the contamination? What comes next?

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Scientists mapping the bottom of the Hudson River with sonar say they have found nearly every single ship that ever foundered in the river over the last years or more. Not just some of them, or most of them, but -- astonishingly -- all of them, except for a few that may have been disturbed by dredging. The ghostly images provide a record of collisions and carelessness and storm-tossed fate -- most of it previously unrecorded and utterly unknown -- from the days of sail and steam through the diesel tugs and tankers on the river today.

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Until late in the s we were unable to 'visualize' what was at the bottom of the Hudson River. The HREP was interested in learning about the habitats that existed underneath the water in the estuary. The project mapped the estuary bottom from Troy all the way down to the Battery collecting 'information' on the depth, bottom features, bottom surface hardness and sediments, and human impacts.


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