How to tell sex of parakeet

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Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question. How can I tell a parakeet's sex?

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Parakeet sexing can be a tricky business, but there are two methods that can be used to accurately sex a parakeet: through tissue samples collected from feathers or through blood samples. Mature parakeets may also be sexed visually by their physical characteristics, although this method is not as accurate. For accurate tests results, Avian Biotech International recommends feather sexing on freshly plucked feathers from the breast of the bird, as molted feathers do not contain fresh tissue samples.

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I love raising budgies; they are just the cutest and most adorable birds out there. So you bought yourself a budgie, and now the question has been nagging at you: Is it a boy or a girl? It's not too difficult to tell with budgies, but it can be confusing for beginning bird owners.

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Most bird owners like to know whether their budgies are female or male. Telling an adult budgie's sex is quite simple in most cases. Depending on their colour and mutation and of course depending on their current hormonal balance and current health status telling the sex can be more difficult in some individuals. In general one can tell the sex of a budgie by having a look at the colour of the nose which is called cere.

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Many owners of parakeets also called budgerigars or "budgies" find it very difficult to determine the gender or sex of their avian pets and often need their veterinarian or their local bird-breederto sex their parakeets for them. But sexing parakeets is actually very easy when you know how. This page contains everything you, the pet owner, need to know about parakeet sexing budgerigar gender determination.

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It's not always so easy to tell a bird's gender, as not all species lend themselves to easy gender determination. In those cases, the best thing to do is take your bird to an avian veterinarian to determine the gender. This test identifies a bird's gender based on its chromosome pair ZW in females and ZZ in males.

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I get many questions about whether a budgie is a girl or a boy and so I thought a budgie sexing page would be useful. It will give you the information you need to learn how to tell males from females, boys from girls, cocks from hens Adult budgies as pictured on the right are easier to sex than chicks or fledglings, as the signs are different, so firstly you need to decide which age group your bird falls into.

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I got my parakeets at the middle of last month and I wanted to know how to tell their sexes even though I looked it up sites are always saying different things. If these are young birds, it can be very hard to tell. Even with adult parakeets, it can be difficult to determine their sex these days because of the many color mutations.

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Once a budgie is a few weeks old, you will be able to tell the sex of the bird by looking at its cere the nose and nostril area. Hens sometimes have a light blue cere, when their breeding hormone levels are low. It will also be this colour, or white with just a hint of blue, if the bird is ill.

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Share bird photographs or fascinating facts. Did You Know? DNA testing is the only way to judge a parakeet's gender with absolute certainty It is inexpensive and fast too.


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