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The human foreskin is highly innervated, 5 21 29 and vascularized 29 sensitive erogenous tissue. Removal of the foreskin circumcision interferes with normal sexual function. This page brings together, in one place, scattered material relevant to the study of the role of the foreskin in human sexuality, and the dysfunction caused by its amputation.

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The foreskin has various other sexual, cosmetic, neurological, and other functions. For example, it provides protection from cold, burns, and trauma, and it contains a rich network of blood vessels to support good penile function. See more on this at " The development of retractile foreskin in the child and adolescent" from Doctors Opposing Circumcision.

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To cut, or not to cut? That is the perennial, penial question. Drum roll, pleaseā€¦.

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Most guys have no choice in whether they have a foreskin or not. Nearly 60 percent of male newborns in the U. You last longer.

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Comment in BJU Int. BJU Int. Asian J Androl.

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It has been known since antiquity that the foreskin contributes to feminine pleasure:. Four surveys have confirmed that empirical observation. The first two ones relate, one [2] to women, the other [3] one to 35 women having had relationships with both entire and circumcised men.

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Premature ejaculation PE is the most prevalent sexual dysfunction in every country. There are many types of treatment, but the main limitation of medical treatment for premature ejaculation is recurrence after withdrawal of medicine. The prepuce is a specific erogenous zone that contains a rich and complex network of nerves.

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To circumcise or not to circumcise: that is the question. Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penisusually performed on infants. Pro-circumcision advocates believe that circumcision improves public health by reducing transmission of infections. Meanwhile, those who are anti-circumcision believe that it is a form of genital mutilation whose health benefits can be easily attained through simple hygiene and safe sex practices.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Just like vulvas, penises look different from person to person. And just like people with vulvasthe needs of those with penises vary from person to person, depending on their anatomy.


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