The anatomy of swinging a golf club

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The wrong advice can compound the potential for injury — hurting your swing and your body. Bad golf swings have been blamed on everything from lack of talent to lack of flexibility. A bad golf swing can do more than just frustrate you, it can create cumulative physical trauma that can lead to injury.

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Similar to the situation with the other sports reviewed in this chapter, to isolate and identify the functions of the major muscles controlling the various body segments during the golf swing, dynamic EMG and high-speed motion analysis has been used and helps to provide a greater understanding of the demands of golf on the shoulder complex. For discussion and analysis purposes, the golf swing has been broken down into the following five phases Pink et al. Muscles used in three of the five phases of the golf swing: a take-away, b acceleration, and c follow-through.

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There are a variety of pieces that have to come together properly in a golf swing for it to be successful. Only when all of the various parts of the swing work together in harmony can the swing produce the results that you are looking for in your game. Working on the swing one piece at a time is a good way to get all of the part in proper shape, but it is when you bring them all together when you will see if you have a quality swing or not.

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The golf swing features many parts that must work together to execute a well-struck shot. A golfer must consider the stance, grip, swing and tempo when making a golf swing. Understanding the different aspects of the swing and practicing them on a driving range can be the key to consistently hitting accurate shots and, therefore, posting lower scores.

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Problem : inconsistency with the driver, and misses to both the left and the right. What does he currently do or believe he should do? Finally a more recent coach who has never made a video while coaching Tiger, in general believes that:.

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Swinging a golf club is a unique motion in sports! For the most part, it is the only action that requires an athlete to swing one object at another "stationary" object. Except for Tee Ball a baseball bat is always swung at a moving baseball.

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But a few simple stretches may help improve that walk for amateur ball strikers hoping to avoid injury and crush the ball like the pros, according to a new study from Stanford University. Put simply: When they take the club back, professional golfers turn their shoulders well away from the target while keeping their hips relatively stationary. That creates torque, which leads to increased power.

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The Main Muscles of the Golf Swing. A joint is a place where two bones come together. They never actually touch but are connected through a joint capsule.

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In golf, the ball is always stationary and thus the need for one basic swing. Sounds simple, right? The arms and hands, forming a "V" shape, are relaxed.

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Mar, in Contents. As Joe Holdridge steps up to the tee, he sets his stance and evens his balance. Birds are chirping in the background. His focus steadies on the golf ball as he draws the club back behind his head and unleashes the torque built up in his backswing.


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