Taking Care Of Your Comic Book Collection

Silent auctions are a great way to bring in money during a fundraiser. Appeal to the book lovers in your community with these silent auction gift basket ideas.

Enough about the story, the gameplay is sluggish and agonizing. Every couple of punches makes Batman take the red pill and it just feels like the game is holding your hand. Punches and kicks are all done in nonsensical ballerina fashion and it comes off as the bat showing off how pretty he is. He’s a pretty, pretty princess.

Jelly Nuts : I made a descision a long time ago that I would never use my position at Psychopathic to get skins… I decided that it would interfier with the job,and I wanted to be hardcore like that… But let me tell you, that BLANK has been tough as BLANK!!! There are some hot as freaks out there… and I have had a decent share of Juggalettes who have offered to Jelly up the ol’ Nuts! When they send in their pictures ofthemselves and they are looking all hot, it is very tempting. But I usually just print up the pictures and put them on the bulletin board in case ICP or Twiztid would be interested… after all, thats who the freaks REALLY want to BLANK anyway.

Jelly Nuts : Twiztid started out knowing a lot more about computers than ICP, but ICP learn that BLANK quick, and so I would say they are now both the same. But both ICP and Twiztid got scrubs like me to pimp to do their computer work.

Sometimes, you want to limit your collection apart from a movie or a comic book theme. Let’s say you admire the aesthetic design or the craftsmanship put into a certain toy figure. Well, you can focus on making a collection of it with special sculpts and paint jobs. This will make a unique action figure collection as well.

Mark Maier brings us an interesting prospective he has on comics. Mark Maier seems to be of the opinion that DC fakku has a history of stereotyping it’s black characters in storylines. Whether you agree or disagree it’s an interesting, thought out article and it certainly got me thinking about a topic that I’ve never really noticed before.

Include a variety of adventure books about hiking, mountain climbing, deep sea diving, and world travel. Put in a water bottle and trail mix for a snack. Add a gift certificate to a local sporting goods store.

Jelly Nuts : A Juggalo is someone who is truly free, in the real sense ofthe word. They don’t give a BLANK what people think, they don’t give a BLANK what people tell them to do, they don’t give a BLANK what anyone else is doing… the only thing they are interested in is getting BLANKin’ live and living life to the fullest. Many of us fall short from that perfect ideal, myself included, but we all at least try to live up to it,and I would say that makes us all Juggalos!

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