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imagefap showfavorites
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The file names isn't that big of a deal. Sep 29, am DonkeyHoatie User. This pseudo-galleries you're talking about is a feature I'm not familiar with, can you post an example? About the filenames issue, forget it. Currently, they link only to the standard pages, and dTa can't suck the links.

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When a registered user on the ImageFap site is browsing pictures, they can choose to add an entire gallery to their favorites, or if they are on an individual picture, they an add just that one image.

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What's nice is that if there is someone with very similar taste as yourself, and you happen to find their favorite images, a script like this would all you to grab just those pre-screened images without having to wade through dozens of galleries to find the few choice items. If you go in greasmonkey and select in the menu: user script command generate wget script. That creates a list of individual images, linked to from their favorites page. Powered by monkeys and unicorns with the help of many friends. Sep 29, am DonkeyHoatie User. First, the ability to run from "User's Favorites" pages, where users gather collections of individual images from around the site, and then collect them into pseudo-galleries. I'll have a look at "User's Favorites" pages.

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