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It's absolutely shameless cheesecake, only superficially a sports show. On the other hand, the visual language it's built out of boobs is innovative enough to keep it worth watching, provided you're into this stuff and actually listen to your lizard brain. The director of Kandagawa Jet Girls also worked on Queens Blade, the perennial generator of castoff scale figures; and Qwaser of Stigmata , the breast milk show. Wanna weigh in on which songs you think are the best? Spoiler Warning for discussion of the series ahead. If nothing else, I expect creative tiddy physics from the producers of Senran Kagura. These folks come from a fairly storied tradition of referencing water balloons for their boob jiggle, and I honestly gotta respect that.

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And then the sacks of jello you keep strapped to your chest gain sentience and start trying to escape.

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Even if I sometimes feel conflicted about where the camera's looking, I ultimately can't be too hard on it. What pervert animated that? The manga villain, who is shown to engage in human experimentation himself, had his full name revealed in chapter as "Maruta Shiga. On the other hand, look at the tig ol' bitties. Who could have expected Rin to get kidnapped by a pair of traveling weeaboos?

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