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We have no idea what commitment is. But he did do things he wouldn't have done had he not been on meth. Frustrated, a gay tweaker might head out to any of Phoenix's gay dance clubs, where it's easy to spot the "circuit boys," who travel in packs with supplies of meth, Ecstasy, and poppers from party to party. These people have contraptions hooked up all over the bedroom. All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town. That's why it's so uniquely different from these other drugs we associate with sex. Randy, now a beer-bellied process server also in recovery, never made his own porn.

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Kaya. Age: 27.
tweaker sex

In fact, his most recent relapse occurred after a late-night cruise on the Web.

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Adilynn. Age: 24.
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It actually stimulates the same part of the brain [the dopamine receptors] that controls sexual arousal. These people have contraptions hooked up all over the bedroom. That's a very rare occurrence, but given her drug history, we didn't figure the risk to ourselves was appropriate. But over the years, working for biker gangs like "The Dozen" and "The Spartans," he was exposed to more women -- more women looking for drugs. If they don't find their way into a meth party, there's always a gay bathhouse. She's been pregnant, though -- a lot -- but never had kids. They have to hit the bottom.

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