The App Marketing ‘Secret’ Every App Developer Needs To Know

The App Store currently hosts over 556.000+ applications, and let’s face it: standing out in such a big crowd is hard. So is getting started with iPhone marketing.

Understanding design types for making an iPhone app will prove to be very useful. Once you understand the different design types they will assist you in your decision making for the programming stages. The style of game or app will dictate the kind of programming or programmer that will be needed. Programming is where the magic happens. This is where making an iPhone app starts to come to life. You now will be able to see how the ideas you have had running around in your mind will look on a screen. Programming is also the time and place to tweak or make any changes you may have. Now the excitement is really starting to take charge at this stage because, right before your eyes you see what once was only an idea is now rapidly morphing into a visible reality and becoming something awesome.

Will they play it endlessly, or will they lose interest in the game after a couple of weeks or months? Basically, what mechanisms are in place to make them want to come back to it, not necessarily of their own volition?

Users can subscribe to the slam channel to check out each week’s video leader boards. They will also earn points by accurately predicting favourite videos. A quick glance at the comments on the YouTube blog would seem to suggest that people think the slam is a great new feature.

Yet another way to earn money from applications would be from “in app” marketing. Businesses pay up to $10 whenever a user clicks their marketing campaign within your application. Just having one hundred individuals from around the world simply clicking the advertisement within your app will make you $1000 daily.

The next step in your how to promote an app guide is finding a way to reach that audience. By the time your iPhone app becomes available on the app store, it needs to have some kind of momentum behind it to generate sales. The app store should not be the first time that people hear about your product. If your audience listens to the radio, then get some advertising on the radio. If your audience reads the paper, then get some advertising into print. You need to create the word of mouth advertising that will become so powerful in selling your product. Do not wait and hope that word of mouth will start after the product is released.

Social media is king and no one rises above the top of the heap for mobile messaging than Twitter. It’s free and it gives you a direct link to the people in your target industry. Make a Twitter account for your app, find the movers and the shakers in your industry and create a connection. Send short, personal tweets to get noticed – these are the busy people who get dozens of emails a day from other app developers.

The final step in your app marketing guide is to monitor customer feedback to anticipate any potential changes or upgrades your app will need. No matter how hard you work, no app comes out perfect. But as long as you stay current with your updates and respond to customer issues, then you should be able to sustain sales for a very long time.

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The App Marketing ‘Secret’ Every App Developer Needs To Know

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