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What are the most important trends for small and mid-sized businesses to pay attention to in 2012? We summed it up with M.S.R.P. (Mobile, Strategy, Resourcefulness and Price). Here’s the in-depth answers. All of these tactics certainly aren’t for every industry and we definitely didn’t cover everything, but we think there are a few things in here worth a look.

The fight became headline news and the backlash against Brown, given his propensity toward violent behavior in the past, prompted the “Don’t Judge Me” singer to post a painting on instagram of a crucified Jesus, captioned with “Painting the way I feel today.” Needless to say, that photo wasn’t well received, either, and the flood of condemnation saw Brown delete his instadp account.

Then something happened out of one college. And it spread like wildfire through the country and then the world. We are talking about Facebook. Everyone was connected through networks according to college and afterwards high school and whatever ( I have seen ten year olds with Facebooks now). This was the sharing of statuses, pictures, comments, likes and a lot of what the internet is now. It was an addicting social phenomenon.

DJ- Since there is no alcohol at a sweet sixteen, having the best DJ around is crucial for an excellent throw down. This is the best way to get the party popping and keep the kids dancing all day/night long. Dj’s are known as the superstars of the nightclub nowadays. Get a popular or local DJ to spin and your princess will be thanking you for years to come.

The iPhone 4S may have a fancy new dual-antenna system and the ability to reach 14.4 Mbps (theoretically) on AT&T, but it gets blown away by 4G Android phones. For example, the AT&T iPhone 4S delivered speeds as high as 5.3 Mbps but averaged 2.2 Mbps. Both the T-Mobile Galaxy SII (12.6 Mbps) and the Motorola Droid Bionic (11.6 Mbps) are faster.

Apple has raised the bar for photo quality-both in terms of speed and low-light performance-with the iPhone 4S, thanks to new optics and an improved backside illuminated sensor. It also captures sharp and smooth 1080p video. Android phones such as the Galaxy S II are only a step behind in terms of speed, though, and they take equally good photos outdoors.

A professional social media management company would also be monitoring your site. They would ensure that every comment, mention, and share from your posts would be noted. It will keep your reputation in check and would give you an idea about the feedback from the people.

The above two are free apps. Now we are going to discuss the VidTrim Pro app and you will have to pay 2.83 dollars per month for it. The biggest advantage with this app is that you can edit and then upload the edited video on the YouTube. You are being provided with the transponder with which you can compress as well as resize the video clips. There are some more powerful video sharing apps like Social cam, daily motion video stream and so on. Some are free and for some of them you will have to pay. You can use them till Viddy is not available on android.

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