Understanding Judgments… When The Court Has To Decide Who Wins

Occasionally, the best chance to recover a judgment is when your judgment debtor owns a judgment against someone else. If your debtor has a final judgment, you can probably have it levied, which gives you a chance of recovering some money. Of course, if your debtor’s judgment debtor is poor, there is probably not much reason to levy their judgment.

How many times have you heard a debtor tell you that you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip? “Come on over,” they say in desperation. “Take everything I have, because I don’t have anything. You’re welcome to look for yourself.” They’re trying to signal to you that they are judgment -proof; that even if you are 100% successful in your litigation, your judgment will be worthless because he has no income or assets with which to satisfy your judgment.

Our main line of business is that of filing law suits in various courts, locating defendants and witnesses, and serving the process. But that just tells you what we do and fails to tell you how we do it or describe the quality of the service.

In the United States women file two-thirds of the time for divorce. Many men are shocked when presented with divorce papers. As the become a process server shows up they often think it is some other civil suit or ignored parking tickets. Some are in such shock that they end up with drunken driving charges from the stressful event. The anger is doused by alcohol from the complete betrayal by their significant other.

Where does he work? What’s his work history like. If he has worked a minimum wage job for less than a year, then a wage garnishment is going to be ineffective. He’s likely to just pick up and move across the street to the next minimum wage job. If he has a 10 year service record for a local employer, a wage garnishment may be a real possibility.

Note the debtor can file a “Claim of Exemptions”, and you must show up in Court on the specified date to prevent them from automatically canceling your levy.

Lastly, you will have less interaction with the defendant. The defendant might at times be ruthless and harm you. This might incur you expenses filing a lawsuit or getting treatment. The problem can be averted by dealing with Los Angeles process servers.

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Understanding Judgments… When The Court Has To Decide Who Wins

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